Wednesday, 8 September 2010

First In Command

Well it's 1995.....having formed in Liverpool in '89, aware that studio time is expensive and mistakes would be costly Abyss (MC/Producer), 2Kind (MC) and DJ Olabean have spent the last 6 years honing their craft. Collecting Jazz breaks and Library records. Studying rhyme patterns, lyric structures, metaphors and production techniques of the US artists that have inspired them. First In Command are ready to create 'Pest Control'.

Aiming not to imitate but to contribute to the genre F.I.C. Succeed in producing 18 tracks of sublime jazz loops, funky drum breaks, soulful cuts, scratches and skits topped off with a flow and subject matter not yet witnessed this side of the pond. 'Pest Control' compliments and sits perfectly alongside Hieroglyphics, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets. However what sets 'Pest Control' aside is the MCs' refusal to compromise their own background, with a scouse accent and subject matter that any British kid listening to Hip Hop would relate to and appreciate.

...But this is 1995, the internet is still in its infancy, no myspace, no facebook. Independent Hip Hop record labels of the US like Fondle Em and Rawkus are still an idea in the heads of American Hip Hop mavericks and the UK is way behind still. Major labels don't know what to do with UK Hip Hop artists and, perhaps most importantly, this is Liverpool. F.I.C. Do their best to get 'Pest Control' heard. They organise their own club night Phat Skillz. They perform up and down the country supporting Credit to The Nation amongst others. They shop the album around and beat off over 40 acts to be declared the Best Unsigned Hip Hop Act in Hip Hop Connection. But unsigned they remain. Industry politics, families, mortgages and life get in the way and F.I.C. Go their separate ways. Abyss continues to make beats producing tracks for Children of the Damned and Tommy Evans. 2Kind puts down the mic and takes to the turntable becoming one of Liverpool's most sought after club DJs and opening Liverpool's first dedicated Hip Hop records store 'Static'. DJ Olabean becomes a member of UK DJ Super crew the Hitmen, touring the globe alongside Semtex and Shortee Blitz. 'Pest Control' is put to bed.

Fast forward to some point over the 15 years 'Pest Control' finds its way into the hands of Liverpool's No Fakin' Djs. It becomes a staple in their sets. They wish F.I.C. Were still together, regretting not having the opportunity to have them perform at their club night. A Liverpool Hip Hop act that could perform alongside the US acts they were booking; Lootpack, J-Live, El da Sensei. They wax lyrical with the lads from F.I.C. About how different things could have been had they know each other back then and regret not having worked with them. No Fakin' DJs release the first record on 2Dogs and during a think tank session with the label's head honhos, planning future releases, they crack open the 15 year old 'Pest Control', its matured well and still sounds fresh. They label are hooked, they believe it still has an audience and Abyss, 2Kind and Olabean are convinced. The time has come to finally unleash perhaps the greatest UK Hip Hop album never released. First In Command's 'Pest Control'.

Until then here's a taster.....DOPE!!!

First In Command - 'my next project'

...And Here's First in Command on the bus.


  1. Where can I buy a copy of "My First Project" guys?!