Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Going way back

Whilst helping our kid move out we unearthed some early No Fakin' Flyers and photographs which prompted me to dig through boxes of junk in my loft to try to piece together the history of the club night. There's a few gaps but I've managed to put most of it together chronologically, so over the next few months on here I'm going to bore you with images, flyers and the odd recording to paint the picture of No Fakin' since '97.

Here's the first flyer....we didn't really know any graphic designers so its a bit turd but for its time in Liverpool the line ups were dope and we were off to a flyer:

The second one was done by a friend of mine who designed greeting cards and I think it looks Fresh:

4 Decks of Flava yo!!!


  1. Hard to make out the yellow on blue magic eye flyer. Stare at it for long enough an eerie image of Matt Trigg appears. Wierd.

  2. Alright Pad, Tony loved his Yellow and Blue flyers with that crazy typeface in the early days of The Zanzibar, do you remember that Yellow and Blue Citroen 2CV sat outside the club for a while too?
    Brings back bad memories of me and my mate Si, trying to pull off a Wednesday night at The Zanzibar called Junk Yard (Tag line probably should have read Proper Garbage come to think of it!) it didn't last more than 2 came in on that first Wednesday to cement the first Friday of No Fakin! Happy Days...Can't wait to see more!

  3. Shit yeah, I remember that 2CV. I'll collar Tony for a picture of that too. Remember Junk Yard too. I think Tony insisted on us using his logo, that didn't last long though. We also told him it was a Funk night but we were really just Hip Hop to death back then. Nice one.